Socket 8 to slot 1 adapter

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Socket 370 BX remains a good and popular option also, though the vast majority of BX boards came with Slot 1 instead of Socket 370. A wide variety of CPU's exist for this socket, ranging from the 333MHz Celeron (with Mendocino core) all the way to the Pentium III-S 1400MHz (also known as Tualatin-S).

looking for a Socket-8 to Slot-1 converter / Riser card -->… I need a Socket-8 to Slot-1 converter or riser card, especially the ASUS C-P6S1. I own some Tyan M2020 riser cards, but my project doesn't work with theAll you have to do is download the Pentium pro datasheet to find the socket 8 pinout and connect it to B75 on the Slot1 pad of your adapter. перeходник Socket 8 -> Slot 1 :: Hardware | Форум PentiumPRO с помощью переходника Socket8-Slot1 можно совершенно беспроблемно установить на какой-нибудь i440BX. И, наоборот - с помощью переходника Socket370-Socket8 (такие выпускал PowerLeap) в PPRO-матплату можно было устанавливать Celeron-533! File:KL Socket8 Slot1 Adapter.jpg - Wikimedia Commons DescriptionKL Socket8 Slot1 Adapter.jpg. English: Socket 8 to Slot 1 converter. Date. 1 August 2009. Source. Camera: Canon EOS 400D. Fix Slot 1 to Socket 370 adapter.

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Epox S2C Slot-1 to Slot-2 Adapter - AnandTech While seemingly every motherboard manufacturer was busy releasing a Socket-370 to Slot-1 adapter, no one seemed to step back and ask the question, "what else can we ... Startech CPU Ppga-to-Slot 1 Slotket Adapter ...

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VOGONS • View topic - Socket 8 --> Slot 1 Slotket Adapters Do they excist? I would like to see one running 100fsb at a bx board if that is even possible. It is a shame that the pictures seen at google do not show a zif socket looking for a Socket-8 to Slot-1 converter / Riser card ...

Aug 30, 2005 · With a bit of fighting, managed to get the cooler on there (didn't fit nicely), and now have tossed the card and processor in, and the system is up and running, with a noticible difference in it's responsiveness. Also, discovered that the proccessor that was previously in here was also attached via a socket 370 ==> slot 1 adapter Oh well. Need

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