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Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets Button Some say Wonder Woman is disco dancing. I prefer to say she's deflecting full metal jacketed bullets with her silver bracelets that are shot at her at 3765 feet per second. Talk about one tough Amazonian! The 1.25 inch Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets Button is perfect for those who enjoy Wonder Woman deflecting...and dancing! Bracelets of Submission | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia The history behind the Bracelets of Submission was developed by William Moulton Marston, who created Wonder Woman, and the bracelets themselves actually had real-life counterpart: Marston's lover Olive Byrne – upon whom much of Wonder Woman's original character was based – frequently wore bracelets that directly inspired the Bracelets of ...

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Wonder Woman has good durability against like, physical/blunt attacks. Piercing objects like swords, bullets, spears, etc etc, she needs to block or else she'll get jacked up. Wonder Woman Season 1 Bullets and Bracelets - YouTube Feb 10, 2010 ... Diana anonymously competes in a contest to determine which Amazon will return the American pilot to his country and receives her costume ... Wonder Woman Season 2 Bullets and Bracelets - YouTube

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Wonder Woman Bullets & Bracelets Slot comes packed with 5 reels and 40 paylines. Designed by Scientific Games, it might be a thrilling game if you enjoy the retro side of the comic book. Once you load up the slot, you will find the Wonder Woman triumphantly above the reel set. The Mythology Behind Wonder Woman’s Bracelets | The Adventurine A movie poster for ‘Wonder Woman’ directed by Patty Jenkins showing Gal Gadot deflecting bullets with her bracelets on the battlefield. Photo Warner Brothers In Wonder Woman , shortly after our super heroine, the amazing Gal Gadot, rescues Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), the first man she has ever met in her life, she gets a glimpse of his World ...

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Wonder Woman's bracelets - Wikipedia To create the bullet deflection effect, explosive charges were attached to the bracelets worn by Lynda Carter. She concealed triggering devices in her hands and, on cue, would trigger the devices to create the explosive effect. The bracelets are depicted as gauntlets in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. Wonder Woman's Bracelets: 15 Things You Need to Know | CBR Mar 25, 2017 · To reflect bullets, Wonder Woman had to use incredible speed and agility. After the events of 1985's "Crisis on Infinite Earths," the origin of Wonder Woman's bracelets changed. The bracelets were now forged from the Aegis, a legendary and unbreakable shield of Zeus made from the hide of the Olympian she-goat Amalthea. Wonder Woman: Bullets & Bracelets Slot RTP, Review and The 1970s Wonder Woman is the source of inspiration for Bullets & Bracelets, and overall it should be a good game if you enjoy the retro side of the comic book. The symbols include images of Wonder Woman doing different things, like using her bulletproof cuffs, a lasso or throwing a grenade.